New "Asbestos Bank Accounts" Pay Out Thousands Of Checks To Lung Cancer Patients

▶ UPDATE: American lung cancer patients now have access to over $20 billion dollars in trust funds; thanks to a new online service.

Both smokers and non-smokers may qualify to receive up to 45 checks in the mail from "asbestos bank accounts"...

Often for tens of thousands of dollars.

That's what happened for Kinnie Clayton, a 61 year old man with stage 4 lung cancer.

He recently wrote to us explaining...

"I just started to receive checks through the mail and I appreciate it. It's really helped me through some dark moments."

Linda has received lung cancer checks for years on behalf of her deceased father.

But Why Do These Funds Exist?

And Why Are They Paying Lung Cancer Patients?

To put it simply - because asbestos causes lung cancer.

That's a fact.

Companies KNEW about this back in 1949…

And they covered it up.

Over and over again.

They put their profits over your health.

Here is a letter marked “Company Confidential” from Exxon. It shows that their employees were getting lung cancer from asbestos…

Full document here.

Now I know you’re probably thinking… “But I never worked with asbestos” … or “I have no way to prove it.”


Asbestos was in everything from floors (literally) to ceiling tiles and everything in between. It was even in cars, hair dryers and fake snow!

And the cold, hard truth is that if you worked in an industrial or manufacturing setting before 1985… you were probably exposed to asbestos.

So to avoid hundreds of thousands of lawsuits...

Asbestos companies created 60 different trust funds to compensate people who were injured by their products.

And the good news is...

You Don't Have To Sue Or Go To Court To Get The Money

No one wants to file a frivolous lawsuit.

That's why many lung cancer patients can now sign up for the checks AND get paid - without leaving their home.

Everything is done online and over the phone.

All you have to do is speak with the team on the phone, sign a few documents, and, if your claims are accepted, wait for the checks to come in.

No upfront payments required.

No court appearance.

No hassle.

But How Much Could You Get?

The answer is... it really depends...

It's impossible to know how much you may be owed without understanding your specific situation.

Your payouts depend on things like...

  • What you did for work
  • How long you worked there
  • Whether you have any other cancers
  • What state you lived in
  • And many other factors...

So if a company tells you exactly how much you could get paid without ever speaking to them about your specific situation...

Then it's likely a scam.

Legally, no one is allowed to tell you how much you can get.


What we CAN tell you is this...

If you do qualify for the lung cancer checks... then the payouts could be life changing.

But it really depends on your specific situation.

And that's why we spend at least 30 minutes on the phone with you to determine what your possible payout can be. 

The good news is that it's completely free to sign up.

How Long Does It Take To Get Paid?

As mentioned earlier, there are 60 different trust funds available for lung cancer patients.

Some of those funds pay in a few months...

And others can take over a year to pay.

That's why we submit your application to as many of the trusts as possible.

And don't worry, even if you pass away, all the money will be sent to your estate, if you have one, or to your heirs.

Still Not Sure If You Should Sign Up?

That's normal.

It's good to be skeptical.

Mr Kinnie Clayton was too before he started to receive his checks.

We asked Mr Clayton what he would say to other lung cancer patients who weren't sure if they should apply.

This is what he told us...

"Go ahead and apply, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I didn't know how I was going to make it until the checks started to come in. And they all seemed to come when I needed them most.

I can't imagine the kind of life I'd be living right now. The money I received greatly added to the quality of my life.

Having cancer alone is enough of an obstacle but I don't have the financial worries thanks to LCR.

My family and I are very thankful for all your care and concerns while I battle with this awful disease. I feel as though I and my family can rest a little easier now.

If you're suffering from this disease, I strongly suggest you call today because time is not on our side. Thank you!"

How To Sign Up For Lung Cancer Checks

If you want a fast and proven way to get Lung Cancer Checks in the mail…

Checks that you can spend on whatever you like…

And to use a “secret system” that an estimated 724,000 American Lung Cancer Patients are already using to get cash payments each and every month…

Here’s what you need to do…

  1. Click the button below and you will see a form pop up
  2. Fill out the form you see on the page (it only takes 30 seconds and your information is secure)
  3. Then you will see a thank you page confirming your information was received

That’s it!

The next step is to answer the phone when one of the experts calls. You will usually receive this call the same day you fill out the form, or the following business day.

Now I must warn you...

The American Lung Association estimates that 234,030 new lung cancer patients will be diagnosed this year.

That’s about 641 new lung cancer patients every day that will want their piece of the pie.

So I must urge you to act now, because there is no way we will be able to help all 234,030 new patients.

There just isn’t enough time in the day.

So click the button below right now and fill out the form on the next page.

You could receive your first check in the mail within a few short months! (To spend on whatever you like)

Why You Need To Act Now

When the funds were first set up, there was over $40 billion dollars available.

But now there is only $20 billion left in the different funds.

And it's shrinking every day.

The checks get paid in order of application.

It's first come, first served.

The longer you wait to apply, the longer it will take for any checks to arrive.

So click the button below now and sign up for your checks now.

As Mr Clayton said after receiving his lung cancer checks...

"Go ahead and apply, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain."

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